Some rules to be respected by any participant in ELO Dogfight.

Fighter Spirit

  1. Whatever the circumstances, we stay cool and we have fun!
  2. The throwing of the glove is allowed, but must remain in a chivalrous and good-natured spirit.
  3. Exchanges on this server must remain limited to gun fights. For any philosophical, political, ethical debate, please find yourself on another media.
  4. Comments on the chat, in voice, and player name, racist, insulting, harassing, or having any background reprehensible by French law, are strictly prohibited. They will systematically be subject to definitive exclusion.

Once in the arena

  1. Free maneuvers before the first merge
  2. No shooting on the first merge
  3. It is forbidden to leave your Battle Area
  4. Any player coming to disturb a match in progress on a BattleArea which is not his one, will be excluded.

The organizer reserves the right to adjust the rules such as the penalties as necessary, written or not written, in the spirit of maintaining a competition played in a spirit of fair play and fun.

For any problem, go through the Discord dedicated to the competition.