Questions - Answers

Once in game

How do I know if the first merge happened?

This point can be tricky, especially for newcomers. We recommend ensuring a crossing as close as possible.

Failing that, when you see that the two planes have started to turn around having made more than 90° of course change… it means that the merge has passed!

Be chivalrous and start with a helmet crossing!

What to do if the AutoSpwan script “bugs”?

You can still do a manual respawn. Become a spectator, and reslot on your plane (coordinate with the opponent). You will see that from the moment you have a match in progress, the server will not allow you to join another slot.

How can I know my ELOs and LVL when I’m in DCS?

Simply ask the question in DCS chat (= ELOs? chat command) :

ELOs? chat command

What if both planes run out of fuel and manage to land?

Be fairplay! By audio/chat exchange do you mean to eject at the same time. This will make a “null” round which will have to be replayed.

For F-14 competitors, how do you prevent Jester from ejecting?

The only identified way to do this is to disable Jester’s ejection seat. For this, at each round, you have to make a pass in the back seat. Press the 2 key on the keyboard:

Moving to the back seat of the F14

Disable the ejection seat:

Disable ejection seat

Return to the front seat, key 1 on the keyboard:

Moving back on forward seat

If anyone knows an easier/more effective way to prevent Jester from ejecting, please share it with CoubyStark.

ELO Dogfight design choices

How to find ELO Dogfight server?

Search for Rapace or ELO Dogfight.

DCS Server settings

What are server settings?

DCS Server settings

How are initial fuel levels set?

For the moment, using the same settings as on the canon BFR competition and/or the Dogfighters server.

They must allow 5 minutes of full afterburner/full throttle to each aircraft.

Fuel data

This point will be studied and documented more finely to take into account the different consumptions according to the altitudes. This is to ensure an even fairer balance.

What is ELO?

The ELO represents the strength of a competitor and makes it possible to classify/compare players. This principle comes from the game of chess. Consult the Wikipedia article ELO ranking.

Is the number of fights played taken into account in the ELO coefficient? Can we have a good ELO by playing few matches? Can we increase our ELO indefinitely by always playing against the same people?

The number of fights played is implicitly integrated into the principle of the ELO calculation. Indeed the ELO represents the “strength” of a player for given playing conditions. The more a player has played a large number of matches and against a varied number of players, the more his ELO coefficient is representative of his strength.
The proper functioning of the basis of this calculation algorithm is a mathematical problem that experienced mathematicians have studied. Being used for a long time for chess competitions, we have confidence in this one.
The K factor retained in the configuration of the algorithm on ELO Dogfight, does not allow a player to achieve a super ELO in a few matches. You really have to play a lot of games to be able to raise your ELO significantly.
Moreover, the principle of “levels” put in place very strongly limits the possibility of indefinitely increasing your ELO by always playing against the same people.

Who organizes and administers ELO Dogfight?

CoubyStark, under the banner of Cellules Rapaces, eSport team of the French Air and Space Force gamers community.

In gamer hands

I can fight any plane with any plane?


However, pay attention to the balance of the match. It is up to each player to choose/manage which aircraft they use and battle against. It also requires agreeing with the adversary of the moment. There is no imposition/obligation. But keep in mind that the ELO calculation for the aircraft you are using only takes into account the match result and the opponent’s ELO on the aircraft they are using. The calculation of the ELO does not take into account the type of aircraft confronted.

Is impersonation or identity conflict possible?

No. Server-level results all include player UCIDs. This is a unique identifier associated with the player’s DCS account. Results displayed at the website level do not expose this UCID. These are based on the nickname. However as soon as there is a nickname conflict the administrator is warned to manually deal with the situation. It will adjust the nickname of the last player with this one (adding a hint).

Is it possible to modify my player nickname displayed in the results?

Yes. To do this, contact CoubyStark on the Rapace Discord.